The product FGI-250 is the ultimate disc-style coffee grinder. Not only it deliver's the superior grind quality for optimal brew results but also it keeps the coffee 70% cooler than traditional disc grinders. Therefore, coffee volatile and aroma are preserved and the authentic coffee is received.

* Low temperature preserves coffee volatiles

* Infinite grind adjustment

* Easy to clean and operate

* Diamond hard - grinding discs

Disc Size - 5.5 inches ( 14 cm ) in diameterMotor - 3 Hp ( 2.2 kW ) 1 or 3 phaseCapacity - 250 kg / hour

– Self-contained water-cooling system.

– Entire grinding chamber can be removed and cleaned in minutes.

– Engineered Discs – discs are engineered to deliver optimal grind uniformity and minimize heat.

– Sharp teeth and ultra-hard metal alloys ensure both performance and disc longevity.

Economical re-sharpening also available.